Accepting a Better World

In my opinion much of the strife in our world has come from people not being accepting of others. Whether it be about religion, race, or personal living preferences it seems that problems occur because we aren’t accepting of other peoples’ choices.

If we take a look at the big issues that cause problems in our world, most of them are from not being accepting. People have been fighting and dying over religion and not being able to accept someone else’s faith throughout history. Even today, much of the issues in the Middle East as well as religious intolerance here in the US has been the source of violence.

I believe that the best way to begin to nurture a world wide culture of understanding is going to come from educating the new generations that we must respect other people’s choices to live their lives how they see fit and to accept their choices. If the world was more accepting then there would be much less violence and crime and we could focus on other issues such as world hunger and poverty.

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4 Responses to Accepting a Better World

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  2. KCasty says:

    I totally agree with you, Chris. There are so many problems in the world today that can not be easily fixed, but tolerance and acceptance are not examples of those problems. While I don’t believe that tolerance and acceptance are virtues that can be taught to people who are set in their ways, but I like your idea of educated future generations to grow up not knowing any differently. Great idea 🙂

  3. eeewald says:

    I agree with you about religion being the cause of so much trouble and tragedy but historically and in present day. The irony of the situation is that every major religion preaches tolerance as one of its main values. I never understood how anyone could make the claim that they their acts of violence was being done in the name of God and never stop question why a loving, all knowing being would want you to harm others. It doesn’t make any sense.

  4. katiebaum13 says:

    I totally agree with this blog. When I went abroad I was able to go around the world to 12 different countries. Having the opportunity to experience each country’s culture and live there allowed me to have a better understanding of different cultures and just be more aware of the many different people around the world. I feel that education abroad is a really important thing and a great opportunity for everyone. It enables people to open their minds about different cultures and ultimately be more accepting of the different people around them.

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