More chemical spills to increase chances of superheroes

For my elevator pitch to better the world I would like to submit the idea that we need more chemical spills, and more exposure to radioactivity to increase our ability to have super heroes. The general thought is that radioactive material is unsafe and deadly, but according to comic books and graphic novels it is also the key to make humans evolve and become super humans. Would 1000 deaths be acceptable if out of the chaos we got one spiderman, a group like the fantastic four, or something else that we haven’t conceived of? the losses might be massive and unfortunate but wouldn’t it be nice to have someone like superman to refreeze the polar ice caps so we don’t have to worry about global warming, to blow up the asteroid from Armageddon and save bruce willis’ life, and save a small kitten out of a small tree?

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7 Responses to More chemical spills to increase chances of superheroes

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  2. knriggins says:

    You’ve obviously put a lot of thought into this. Honestly, super heroes are probably one of the best shots we have at solving our world’s problems. But you are forgetting, we are already creating tons of super heroes. With the increasing gap between the rich and the poor, more money is going to the rich. We are bound to get a couple of Batmans out of that!

  3. jwhite17 says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with your proposal. I believe that superheroes have the unilateral capacity to change the world for the better, and with Chuck Norris reaching his twilight years I believe that we are in dire need of a person to fill his shoes.

  4. Jordi says:

    This is done so straight, I have a hard time detecting the (I hope) irony. You could go really deep here- that our unquenchable desire for the heroic individual keeps us from ever seeing that real change happens with regular people and through collective efforts and actions. What did you want to say? Was it simply poking fun at the theme for the week? Is it a commentary on the futility of looking for solutions? Is it a swipe at the naivete and idealism of hoping for better? Can you tweak this a little to sharpen your humor? I didn’t watch the video… is it necessary?

    And why do you hate capital letters? Bruce Willis… sigh…

  5. eeewald says:

    This could be used as another argument for expanding nuclear energy. This industry could kill three birds with one stone in that it would reduce our dependency on foreign oil, develop a nearly renewable fuel source, and generate superheroes as a waste product. We would be foolish not to pursue such an industy further.

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