My solution

My solution to prevent the world from ending would be to raise the salaries and benefits of police officers, fire fighters, medics and most importantly teachers. Each of these professions is crucial to the success of any community and they deserve an appropriate salary for their work. If the salaries of these professions were higher than they would attract more talented people which would improve the quality of life in a community. If police officers were motivated more by their high salaries, the community would be less corrupt and safer for everyone. Fire fighters and medics are crucial to the safety and health of the community and they deserve a high salary for the efforts. These professions save lives every day which is priceless and they should be rewarded for their skills. Lastly, teachers deal with and develop children every day which affects the future of every community. If schools can develop and retain teachers because of their higher salaries then the school systems will benefit. If every student has the opportunity for a quality education then their chances of succeeding in life will increase.

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3 Responses to My solution

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  2. tpm011 says:

    i agree that these jobs are not paid nearly enough for what they do. there was a post on facebook that said if you paid teachers like babysitters they would make like 70k easy, maybe they should do that

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