Opening Up The World’s Data

Learning more about our world is the most important thing the human race can do. The information age has yielded a huge amount of data. This data is related to a multitude of different things and is spread across millions of locations. Some of this data can be found and seen be anyone but most of it was gathered and is used by a single corporation, or not used at all. This data has so much untapped potential. We need to open it up to the world.

By allowing anyone to access the world’s vast amounts of data, we can learn more about the world than we ever thought possible. This works the same way Wikipedia works, when you allow anyone to contribute time and effort, you can achieve more than any one organization. We will start to see revelations from people analyzing this data, revelations that will help us learn more about our world, and optimize our civilization.

The next step is to continue to gather this data and start to analyze and use it in real time.  This will allow us to avoid disasters and act in a more efficient manner on a day to day basis. These steps are the best way to make a positive change for the world in the foreseeable future.

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4 Responses to Opening Up The World’s Data

  1. knriggins says:

    Interesting idea Rick. Although I have to say, the idea of more information seems a little overwhelming to me. But I think your main idea seems more along the lines of changing the way we access that information and communicate it. Do you think it is possible for us to become too connected? I was having an odd conversation with my uncle over break and he believes that there will come a time when we will reach a peak and people will make moves to disconnect themselves. For example, people will pay more to live in communities where there are no cell phones, where they cook the food they grow, and entertain themselves by talking to one another or getting exercise outdoors. People will want a utopia away from the world of information and technology. I’m not sure how much I agree with that, but I thought it was an interesting perspective

    • RickE says:

      I do think that personal information flow (Facebook, Twitter, Blogging) will soon reach its peak, however, I was focusing more on data (things like traffic patterns, government spending, water usage, really anything). I actually just found a video on that shows this idea in action. Here it is

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