Think before you speak!!

My 60 second pitch to help improve the world would be to “Think Before You Speak.”

A big part of our success as being an effective communicator is not only learning what to say, but what NOT to say.

The words we speak origniate from thoughts and is actually more powerful then our thoughts because it not only effects us, but also the various people that are around. Once something is out of our mouths, it can not be taken back. What we say truely can make us or break us. As human beings we often realize that we quietly mumble words under our breaths without concious thought and usually we dont even consider to stop and think about what was actually said.

I think this is an important subject because when we are fast in saying some unwanted things about a certain situation or person and eventually regret it later, the damage has already been done and can be ever lasting and unforgotten. Negative talk never helps us do anything but waste our time, energy, and ultimately disturb our peace of mind.

I read that speaking negativly about others is seen as direct reflection of ourselves. I do not know if I agree with that, but I thought it could be a topic to discuss.


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5 Responses to Think before you speak!!

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  2. RickE says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with this. The less we say, the more we listen, something many of us young people (including myself) need to do more. I also think the anonymity of the internet has given rise to people expressing more and more negative things towards others. Our society needs to learn to be more mature about our actions and words.

  3. Nate says:

    I really like your post and think that you bring up a great point. Often when people talk out before thinking about the impact of their words, it leads to confrontation. Most of the time I believe this confrontation is unnecessary and could have been avoided with a little “thought”.

  4. Jordi says:

    As an life-long “early talker,” meaning I jump into conversations or discussions early, I still agree with your point. Sometimes I make myself wait in a discussion to hear what else is said and adapt my first thoughts to the “feeling” of the group. There is another side to this though. Sometimes you need to speak to know what you actually think. One of my favorite scholars, Karl Weick liked to say “How can I know what I am think until I see what I am say?” His point was that we enact the world around us.

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