Get Off Your High Horse and Help Someone

If someone hits their "help" button, help them out!

One idea to improve the world….try to help one person a day.

I know we have all heard this but if we actually did this then we could actually see huge improvements in our world.

Now this can come through giving that poor guy a sandwich to delivering blankets to an orphanage, if we could all (within our capacities) help someone different everyday better themselves then I think the world would see a slight improvement in everything from our morals to a decrease in poverty.

This is not telling you to go out of the way to give grandiose gifts to the poor, but if someone in your class is struggling, help them out and let them study with you instead of turning them away for fear they might just slow you down. Now this idea is absurd because in the world today helping someone out means you loosing something valuable to you (ie. Time, money, reputation…) But it’s only absurd because things that tend to make the most change in the world tend to be that way.

A key to make this work is that it needs to be someone different everyday and it needs to be not monetary. For example, buy a homeless person a week’s worth of non-perishable food instead of money. Helping by giving money tends to be temporary solution because people get tied to money and nothing added comes out of it. With food, or a book, or other physical tools that can physically or mentally better the individual. Money tends to corrupt and good intentions turn into wasteful spending and that’s why purchasing it yourself is better because it negates any personal misdirected spending.

Another point is not to help the same person constantly because when you do that you create dependence which, in many cases, actually ends up hurting the person more in the long-run.

Let’s help one person a day in some way or manor and we can change the world.

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3 Responses to Get Off Your High Horse and Help Someone

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  2. mcrawford says:

    I agree. I feel this is a very obvious change our world needs but is not always considered. If each person every day helped one other person, the amount of change that would occur would be amazing. Simply helping one person out a day could change millions of peoples lives. After reading this post I feel that I should take my own initiative to help at least one person a day.

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