Just a Dollar…

One major issue that is very important and a major problem in our world is the lack of funding in education. Education is very important in this world, as it plays a major role in the development of children who will grow up to play major roles in our future and society.  My solution to change this problem is simple.

There are currently 193.3 million employees in the United States. Most people get paid every two weeks, which is roughly a total of 26 pay periods per year. If one dollar is deducted from each paycheck and donated to education, it would make a huge impact. The impact on one’s finances would be negligible, and would only be losing $26.00 annually. But this small amount annually would total to be more than $3.5 billion annually. The money should be earmarked for education, and should be split up in each state based on how many employees participate in this program in each state. By doing this small, simple thing, we could raise $3.5 billion dollars in 60 seconds. It would also create even more opportunities in creating extra jobs to help carry out this plan.

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6 Responses to Just a Dollar…

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  2. Jordi says:

    I thought you were going to go with I need a Dollar by Aloe Blacc. Still a great song.

  3. mcrawford says:

    This concept reminded me of the organization 1% for the planet. It is a very similar concept, or giving such a small portion of your over all salary. The organization 1% for the planet, is a growing global movment of 1,398 companies that donate 1% of their sales to a network of 2,711 environmental organiaations worldwide. This organization is continuously growing and attracts all types of organizations from artist such as jack johnson, to clothing companies. I think giving only a $1 of your salary is a great idea and could help solve many funding issues in America.

  4. meganm423 says:

    I think this is a great concept. It really would make a difference. Imagine if people did this not only for education but for other services such a donating a dollar from your paycheck to support clean drinking water. Such a simple concept but I feel like it would be so hard to implement. Would the government implement it? Probably would cost so much to actually do, which is sad because this could be definitely change things.

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