lit·er·a·cy “The ability to read and write”

I believe if there were more focus on literacy in our world, our world would improve tremendously. In America alone 40 million adults are illiterate. Literacy is essential to living in any society. In order to fully develop a sense of well being and citizenship in any country you must be literate. Children who are solid readers perform better in school, have a healthy self-image, and become life long learners, adding to their viability in a competitive world. There are many causes of illiteracy that can be improved by our government and societies these causes consist of class and wealth, the poverty cycle, our school systems, the lack of resources, motivation, and upbringing. The causes are very intertwined; if you are stuck in a poverty cycle your class is going to be lower leading to an unpleasant school system with lack of resources deterring motivation in students.

If there is not a major change in the literacy rates in the world and America today, our world is going to continue to be stuck in a vicious limited cycle. Illiteracy not only hurts oneself but also hurts ones family and future generations. The consequences of illiteracy are so large they are the bases of many other problems in our world today, such as communication, employment, and many other issues.

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3 Responses to lit·er·a·cy “The ability to read and write”

  1. meganm423 says:

    I agree that literacy is a catalyst for many of the social inequalities that Americans are subject to. I think our government not only has to enact serious legislation that improves our public school system but educate the teachers within the school so they do not just pass kids along when they cannot even read well.

  2. Nate says:

    I agree that improving the literacy rate is an important aspect in making a change in the world. Being literate leads to so many opportunities that children who cannot read are deprived from. Maybe an increased focus on donating used books can help this problem.

  3. Jordi says:

    40 million illiterate in the US? I wonder how many in a population of just over 300 million are per-literate (under 5). Still you are talking about around 12-13% of the possible literate population. Is that big? Sounds like it. Still, cross-national comparisons would be useful.

    What I really wonder in terms of world-changing potential is how digital technologies matter for this. Is literacy more or less important in a world more and more dominated by computers, mobile devices, and other forms of portable info tech?

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