Social Media Revolution!!!!! Sooper kewl

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2 Responses to Social Media Revolution!!!!! Sooper kewl

  1. Jordi says:

    The music, “Babu Yetu,” was originally composed for the video game Civilization 4. My family and I love to play the game and my musical 11 year old said to me the other day that it was much better music than on subsequent versions of the game.

  2. Jordi says:

    Thanks for posting. I’d like to know more about the producers of the video.
    The $6 bn in virtual goods was across all virtual worlds and MMORPGs too, probably. Not just Second Life. Last time I looked there were close to 100 worlds open or in beta, not including worlds that have come and gone. These are virtual worlds, NOT explicit games.

    A touch screen IS a chalkboard. The chalkboard was revolutionary when introduced because it allowed the classroom to focus on a common lesson instead of all working in parallel. A touchscreen is an interactive chalkboard in terms of its functionality: allowing multiple people to interact with the same information.

    Not everything new is really new.

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