Weather A-Wear

This is a small idea my friend and I have been working on since last summer, and since we are all trying to do our 60 second ideas, I figured I would see what everyone thinks…

Our Premise

Basically we want to create a website that combines fashion advice with the weather. Similar to, we are planning on essentially giving clothing recommendations based on the weather for the day. Where we differ from swackett is that we are going to be much more specific with the clothing recommendations. Users will pick a style from a pre-set list that best matches their style. They also input their location to get the weather. From there, the website takes into account the forecast and the person’s style and gives personalized fashion suggestions.[JC: space hog!]
How We Make Money
We have a few ideas as to how we make money. Our main source of revenue originally will be through advertisements. We feel that clothing companies would like to put ads on the site that coordinate with the style the user inputted. For example, if the person has a ghetto style, there will be ads for Rocawear or Sean John. If the person inputs a classy style, then there would be ads for Polo Ralph Lauren or something. You get the gist there. Another way to potentially make money would be if the site gets popular, to have clothing companies sponsor the site and in order to have their clothing come up as recommendations, they must be a sponsor. Another idea would be to make company specific sites or apps (which I will get to later) that feature only one company’s clothing.
Expansion Opportunities
We think that our basic premise has ALOT of possibility for expansion, however we may not have the technical skill to pull it off. Here are some ways that, under proper direction/better skilled people, the idea could grow as well as reasons we may not be able to pull them off.
Apps/Widgets – The general premise can be converted to an iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android/Blackberry app or widget. The user could have their settings saved on their device and, using the device’s location information, give clothing suggestions. We most likely can’t do this since we have very limited experience developing apps.
Social Networking – We could introduce a social networking aspect to the general premise. Users have profiles where they discuss their style in more depth. The site can use that data and give more specific recommendations to users. We don’t have the technical experience to really do this (see a theme here?)
Backgrounds – We can make computer/phone backgrounds that update without the user having to do anything (you can guess why we can’t do this)
Where We Stand
We am building a small-scale version of the site. It will be very rudimentary, but will be enough to show off our concept. Once that is in place, we plan on learning a bit more about web programming and fleshing out the site more and more, little by little.
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5 Responses to Weather A-Wear

  1. Jordi says:

    I love entrepreneurship. But, the idea was ideas to improve the world. I can see some value in your idea. Seriously. What if it lowered weather-related illness? What if it helped the fashion-challenged fit the oppressive norms of HR offices (seriously, what if it helped people with less cultural capital, often disadvantaged groups, crack the labor market). So, in your 60 second, if you stand a prayer, you may want to foreground that.

  2. Jordi says:

    Greg Skibiski, the guy you couldn’t meet, told another budding entrepreneur that this book is the bible:
    Ask David Brundage or Olivr Wald or Brad Mas about the talk… know them?

  3. Slade says:

    I believe that with the expansion of internet penetration around the world, more and more people will be able to access this website. I didn’t mention this above but when I plan to speak during class, I wanted to include the functionality that would include an option for men and women to pick, instead of a certain style, a budget function that would give you links and connections to cheaper products that younger or poorer individuals can buy in proper preparation for the coming weather. In addition to that, in thinking about this specific topic for class, I wanted to include a natural disaster watch for areas around the world so that in addition to potential protective clothing for people to deal with things such as floods or earthquakes or hurricanes, there would be links to products that would help you prepare or deal with problems disasters create.

    • Jordi says:

      Those would be some worthwhile additions, especially the natural disaster. You could also include more everyday weather-health updates. Like, maybe, scarves are in fashion AND you loose 30% of our body heat in cold weather form your neck and head. Or, wearing blue to meetings full of conflict can lessen aggression.

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