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Social Media Revolution!!!!! Sooper kewl


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Increased Transparency

This summer I was talking to my internship supervisor who was telling me why she made a relatively large career change. She went from working in the cosmetic industry to working for a non-profit healthcare company. She told me she … Continue reading

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4 Years on Campus

For my blog post this week I would like to complain about discuss the issue of off-campus housing for the future classes of Bucknell seniors. With addition of multiple buildings to campus since the construction began this summer, many students … Continue reading

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Wall Street Compensation and Entitlement Theory

For this paper I wanted to delve into the issues of Wall Street compensation and how the entitlement theory of Nozick relates to these issues. In this paper I would like to investigate the concept of compensation packages, contrast the … Continue reading

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Beautiful questions for you!

1. How can we analyze Kiva using stakeholder/stockholder theory? 2. Does a social entrepreneur or social innovator hold social responsibility duties to anyone or anything? 3. Do you believe the founders of Kiva are social innovators or social entrepreneurs?

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Possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen…

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Honestly, I know everything I know about the new and improved campus theatre from the bathroom. They had a great poster in there that outlined the restoration work they did there this summer and how a group of individual movie … Continue reading

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