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Dropout of the Electoral College

While there are plenty of things I would like to change in this world (many have already been covered), I’m going to go with abolish the electoral college in this post. Advertisements

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Trashy Fines

Since most of the obvious topics (parking, food) have been hit on so far.  I’ll tackle another topic, albeit one I haven’t touched on for a few years: Bucknell recycling fines.

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Sad Times in Happy Valley

*Jordi, I’ll post my actual post later, just thought this was important.* We’ve talked about how to act morally, ethically, or any way you want to call acting fair and oftentimes we’re talking about salaries or outsourcing and its effects. … Continue reading

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The Justice Leagues

Distributive justice is a branch of societal ethics related to whether an allocation of goods and wealth can be considered fair to society and its constituents.  Three major theories proposed to answer this question are John Rawls’ Justice as Fairness, … Continue reading

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These Three Questions

Presented without comment.

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Levees and Trains and Bridges. Oh My!

Now I’m going to be right up front about this, as a Civil Engineer, there is an inherent bias in what I’m about to write (right Jordi?).

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Does Film Noir Make it Automatically Fancy?

Sunday afternoon I walked down to the Campus Theatre to take in Sunset Boulevard.  Honestly, I am not sure what I took away from the movie itself.  It was an odd film, but I guess that’s why it’s designated as … Continue reading

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