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Accepting a Better World

In my opinion much of the strife in our world has come from people not being accepting of others. Whether it be about religion, race, or personal living preferences it seems that problems occur because we aren’t accepting of other … Continue reading

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Bucknell Dining: Changing the Recipe

Bucknell University uses Parkhearst as the supplier of all the food on campus. In other words Parkhearst has a monopoly on all things food and beverage at Bucknell. I think that having diversity in dining options would be much better … Continue reading

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Incentives for All

Incentivizing the Workforce: Bringing the Company Together             For the past few years, people have been questioning the amount of money CEOs have been receiving for their services to their companies. At the heart of the issue is whether or … Continue reading

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Reading Questions

In Campaigns and Movements, Richard Rorty talks about Irving Howe;s view on the differences between a movement and a campaign. How does he say each is different? Would Howe consider the Occupy Wall Street protests around the world the beginnings … Continue reading

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The Best Government Money Can Buy

Before even researching for my final paper on campaign finance reform, I knew that there were some serious issues about how money played a role in our political process. As it turns out, the harder question is asking what part … Continue reading

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Cary Grant? You must mean Hugh Grant

When I told a few of my friends that I was going to watch North by Northwest, I received quizzical looks from all. The first question I was asked was “Is it for class?” as if to say that there … Continue reading

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Clean Up on Aisle 14

Whether or not Wal-Mart is going to be found guilty in any of the discrimination lawsuits it is currently facing, one thing is for certain: Wal-Mart is feeling guilty. In the “Staffing at Wal-Mart” case study, we see evidence that … Continue reading

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