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All [we] need is love!

Love your children. That’s it. That’s my 60-second solution to changing the world. Advertisements

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I’m not a girl, not yet a woman…

I am in no way what I think of as a feminist (ask Alyssa if you don’t believe me).

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We should all just listen to our “gut”

“An American company going into Indonesia and working with regime that killed almost 200,000 people…I know that that’s got to bother you…I don’t know you personally, but I know you have a conscience” – Michael Moore to Phil Knight (Nike’s CEO) … Continue reading

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Answer me these questions three….

1) Which exhibit in the Kiva Case added most to your understanding of the reading? 2) How does Nozick’s consideration of history/past experiences tie into the Campaigns and Movements article by Richard Rorty? 3) How would Donatella de Porta, et … Continue reading

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Define “we”

Jordi has mentioned that society is a complex body that cannot easily be defined, spiking my curiosity to investigate this idea further. Furthermore, in order to write from the perspective of society, we must first understand what is meant by … Continue reading

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Saving an American Treasure: All Businesses Are NOT Bad!

Last year, around this time, I woke up to the news that Bucknell University was buying the Campus Theater. Now I must explain to you that I have been going to the campus theater since my freshman year. I have … Continue reading

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Third World America?

Can a country reverse its growth? Because it seems that the United States of America has been. While globalization is helping many countries worldwide develop, America itself is suffering. As a whole, the US is massively in debt to other … Continue reading

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