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Decentralize and Conquer

I believe that the most efficient way to improve the world is to decentralize power and increase information sharing. I believe that there is currently a movement, as the result of the information economy, for people to take power into … Continue reading

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Parking, Apparently a Big Deal

The one aspect of Bucknell that annoys me the most is far and away public safety’s ridiculous position on parking tickets. On campus I have received four parking tickets. One instance that I feel best displays public safety’s overbearing attitude … Continue reading

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The Ethics of Inequality

            Income inequality in America has recently become a hot-button issue in public discourse. This naturally begs the question of whether or not there is an established system capable of solving this issue that could be … Continue reading

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Questions for the Session in 24 Minutes

1. How would charging interest on loans help Kiva’s operations? Is this gain enough to offset the losses from charging interest? Is it possible to know the true effect that interest will have on the business? How does this decision … Continue reading

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What Happened to US Manufacturing?

While researching income inequality in the United States I came across an article written in 2004 that tries to explain the loss of manufacturing jobs in the United States. I believe that this article is very interesting, as many people … Continue reading

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Cracked’s (Not so Funny) Take on Occupy Wall Street

I recently read an article on outlining some criticisms of the Occupy Wall Street movement. I was surprised by the clarity and relative lack of humor in the article due to Cracked’s position as a humor-based website. The article … Continue reading

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Can America Learn From Scandinavia?

Income inequality the United States is an incredibly important issue with a multitude of ramifications. Firstly, it brings into question the idea of the tradeoff between economic efficiency and economic security. In this country we have a belief system that … Continue reading

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