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Just a Dollar…

One major issue that is very important and a major problem in our world is the lack of funding in education. Education is very important in this world, as it plays a major role in the development of children who … Continue reading

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Bucknell Athletes

I love Bucknell and have enjoyed my 4 years here but there are a few issues I would change to make it a better experience. I grew up in a family with 3 other division 1 athletes and out of … Continue reading

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Inequalities in Professional Sports


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I want to write my paper on the topic of healthcare and healthcare policy . Healthcare is a topic that affects everyone in society. Since it is a very important subject there are many different viewpoint on what types of … Continue reading

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Campus Theater

I just went to the Campus Theater for the first time and I was very pleasantly surprised. Its was not what I had expected. To start, they accept campus dollars which was definitely a plus!! As I walked into the … Continue reading

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Complex Equality

What Were Walzer’s Main Points About Distributive Justice? 1. Different goods have different social meanings and their distribution must be done in accordance “Different social goods ought to be distributed for different reasons, in accordance with different procedures, by different … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street Protest Song

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