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Fix childhood obesity, a GROWING problem.

As I eat healthily and exercise almost every day in adulthood, I can’t help but reminisce from time to time, “I miss the good ‘ol days when I could eat whatever I wanted.”  However, I’m not sure how accurate my … Continue reading

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Living in filth in downtown Lewisburg…

The house that I live in downtown is literally a piece of crap.  The first and second level porches are on the verge of collapsing, the outside paint is chipping, and there is mold throughout the house behind the walls … Continue reading

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A Company’s Social Responsibility to Act Responsibly

Wouldn’t a world in which businesses completely neglected the environment, ignored safety regulations and bulldozed any obstacle in their way just to make money be a sad and scary one to live in?  Well, according to American economist, statistician, academic … Continue reading

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11/3 article questions…

1) “Strategic fit” is defined as matching a company’s capabilities and resources to the external factors present in the marketplace.  Would Kiva have a better strategic fit to stick with the 0% interest on loans, or would the better strategic … Continue reading

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“War is not a game!” Or is it?

When I was first choosing my topic for this paper and writing up the argument draft, I looked through the list of suggested topics and chose a topic that seemed interesting to me, work family conflict and its causes.  However, … Continue reading

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“Sunset Boulevard” puts authentic ’50s theatre experience on horizon

  The year: 1950.  The location: Bucknell University’s Campus Theatre in downtown Lewisburg.  There I was, sitting excitedly on the edge of my seat and anxiously awaiting the premier of the film as the red curtains opened to reveal the … Continue reading

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Es muy mal para España también…

Throughout the course of the economic crisis, it has been easy to forget that the United States is not the only country that is suffering.  In the New York Times, an article was published today about the current state of Spain, … Continue reading

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