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David Murrin – Dr. Doomsday?

July 13th, 2011 4:30 A.M. CT – Another sleepless night… Late night or early morning (whichever you prefer) CNBC offers a run down of the global market place as the markets in China, India, and Europe begin trading for the … Continue reading

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Clyde Frog Conundrums – The Result of Choices and Complaints

Occupy Wall Street: Campaign or Movement? Preface: Wednesday November 2nd the new South Park episode 1%¬†featured Cartman, the 1%, against the 99%, the rest of his school mates, who conspired and stole Cartman’s most prized possession, Clyde Frog. Aside from … Continue reading

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1. Why is 0% interest on loans so valuable to the developing world when the developed world uses compound interest? And why was Matt so interested in using variable interest? 2. Why do we as humans feel more connected to … Continue reading

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Memento: Part 2

“I guess I’ve already told you about my condition‚Ķ It seems I can’t remember anything. Just an anonymous room, nothing in the drawers. You know who you are, all about yourself, but on a day to day basis notes are … Continue reading

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Investors are complaining about volatile stock markets causing decreasing investment portfolios over the past three years post the worst recession since the Great Depression and about proprietary trading as a hedging device for institutional traders (soon to be fixed by … Continue reading

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Memento: Part 1

This Saturday at 4pm the Campus Theatre will play one of my favorite movies. Memento offers a unique film style and dramatic suspense at the expense of the main protagonist, Leonard, played by Guy Pearce, who experiences memory loss. After … Continue reading

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In reaction to: Protestors Win Some, Lose Some The world we live in and the world we have created remain organically intertwined and perpetually moving. On a daily basis: life and death encapsulates the story of generational change, nocturnal freight … Continue reading

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