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lit·er·a·cy “The ability to read and write”

I believe if there were more focus on literacy in our world, our world would improve tremendously. In America alone 40 million adults are illiterate. Literacy is essential to living in any society. In order to fully develop a sense … Continue reading

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E-mails E-mails E-mails

This week I want to talk about the many opportunities available to Bucknell students that are ignored. Many leaders that come from Bucknell University are eager and willing to be involved with current alums as well as students.

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John Rawls published the book, A Theory of Justice, in 1971, his philosophy throughout the book was structured around justice and a theoretical program to institute political structures designed to preserve social justice and individual liberty.[1] Rawls’ writings are predominantly … Continue reading

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1. What are the 5 Kiva product philosophies? After reading many ethical articles on business, do you think these philosophies enable Jessica and Matt to run an ethical business? Why or Why not. Explain the most important philosophy.  2. How … Continue reading

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Human Trafficking

I’ve decided to write my final paper on human trafficking; after looking at the long list of topic suggestions, I felt that the current issue of human trafficking should have more attention brought to it. I am also interested in … Continue reading

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Best of Blog, Week 7, Protests and Films

Your friendly, neighborhood blog council (Carl, Meghan C, Nate, and Slade) present the following (drum roll!) Best Occupy Wall Street post: Alyssa “Coming to a small town near you!” Rotten Tomatoes Award Rick “Hitchcock Stands With the Best of Them” … Continue reading

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Campus Theater Since 1941

The Lewisburg Campus Theater is located on Market Street in the heart of Lewisburg, across from the newly added Barnes and Noble Bucknell bookstore. The theater has resided there since 1941 celebrating its 70th anniversary film festival this week. Throughout … Continue reading

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