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Stop World Hunger

My idea to improve the world would be to stop world hunger.  The world hunger problem is a devastating issue that can be resolved with a little help from the people who are more fortunate than these poor, starving families. … Continue reading

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How Could you be so Heartless?

Student parking at Bucknell is such a hassle and makes me upset; however, I know that student parking on every other college campus that I have been to is for the most part a huge pain as well. 

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Air Jordan’s – The Shoe to Die for

Will the Air Jordan brand be a life support for Nike or eventually fade out?  When addressing this question there are many things to take into consideration other than the fact that Michael Jordan is retired from the NBA and may soon be … Continue reading

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Questions for this week’s readings

1.)     Social entrepreneurs have gained an increased recognition and more people are capable of addressing social problems in this day and age.  What changes have been made to coordinate this positive shift? 2.)     What forced Kiva into expanding their operations … Continue reading

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The Thriving Business of Drug Trafficking and the DEA’s Role

For this week’s argument draft I am looking at my topic, drug trafficking and the United States, from a governmental perspective.  One thing that is important in understanding the business of illegal drug trafficking is that it is not like … Continue reading

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My First Campus Theatre Experience

This was my first time attending the campus theatre.  I went with Mike Cardinute and there was some confusion as we were entering the theatre.  After giving the lady my BU ID she told me that it was not going … Continue reading

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Is an Employee’s Gender the Issue?

In the Wal-Mart case, an issue that was brought up was that they were allowing or promoting gender inequality.  From 1996 to 2001, the percentage of women who were employed fell 3 percent which doesn’t seem much; however, when dealing … Continue reading

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