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Opening Up The World’s Data

Learning more about our world is the most important thing the human race can do. The information age has yielded a huge amount of data. This data is related to a multitude of different things and is spread across millions of locations. … Continue reading

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Trapped Like a Rat

How the hell am I supposed to get out of the place without a car? Bucknell attracts students from all over the U.S. and all over the world. To get here, a lot of these students have to fly. I … Continue reading

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Telling It Like It is [Directors Cut]

I love technology. It is constantly evolving and improving. I love the companies that create these cutting edge products and I idolize the way they are able to innovate so quickly. This summer I got to be apart of one … Continue reading

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Week 10 Questions

1. Which of the CGAP Principles of Microfinance does Kiva abide by, which do they not? Explain. Is it ok for them to not abide by all of them? 2. In “How to Change the World”  Bornstein talks about the importance of … Continue reading

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The Patent Minefield

This is ridiculous:

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Hitchcock Stands With the Best of Them

I usually hate old movies. I believe that if movies aren’t getting better, then there would be no reason to keep making them. I would rather see a movie made in the last 5 years than any classic that Hollywood would have me believe is a … Continue reading

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Telling it Like it Is

Google is not as great as some people think. Sure, their third quarter results were incredible, but thats not all that counts at a big software company like Google; code base and code infrastructure are huge. You need to have good code and … Continue reading

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