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Dropout of the Electoral College

While there are plenty of things I would like to change in this world (many have already been covered), I’m going to go with abolish the electoral college in this post. Advertisements

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Clear, clean water…yum

My idea to improve the world is to one day have clean water available for everyone living on our lovely mother earth.  Everyone should be able to get clean water from a source near them, especially since it is essential … Continue reading

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Resist Conformity

OK, so a few of you asked me what I would change about Bucknell.  Funny about 2 weeks ago I got invited to talk to the new Mg 100 class which was my first chance ever to address all the … Continue reading

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I, like many Bucknellians, enjoy the occasional midnight snack. What I, like many other Bucknellians, do not enjoy, is attempting to find a late hour only to come up with the default, Dominoes. Now, I do not have any problem … Continue reading

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Where are my options?

From freshman to junior year, I lived in campus housing.  I went from a triple room to a mod to a large double in Lari Cottage.  Going from a dorm to a mod sophomore year made that year a whole … Continue reading

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Sad Times in Happy Valley

*Jordi, I’ll post my actual post later, just thought this was important.* We’ve talked about how to act morally, ethically, or any way you want to call acting fair and oftentimes we’re talking about salaries or outsourcing and its effects. … Continue reading

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David Murrin – Dr. Doomsday?

July 13th, 2011 4:30 A.M. CT – Another sleepless night… Late night or early morning (whichever you prefer) CNBC offers a run down of the global market place as the markets in China, India, and Europe begin trading for the … Continue reading

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