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Communication Can Change The World

Some people hate OWS. Some people love it. Some people support the message. Others adamently oppose it. Some like the people. Some write them off as lazy hippies. Regardless of how you feel, it’s undeniable that the movement has GOTTEN … Continue reading

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Stop World Hunger

My idea to improve the world would be to stop world hunger.  The world hunger problem is a devastating issue that can be resolved with a little help from the people who are more fortunate than these poor, starving families. … Continue reading

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Price of a burger: $5 Price of mozarella sticks: $4 Price of a Coke: $2 Time spent with a hole in your pockets: Priceless!!

    Sigh.  As my stomach leads my feet to the Bison for its daily fill, the only thought running through my mind is not how delicious this food will be, but rather how deep will I have to go into my … Continue reading

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Bucknell Athletes

I love Bucknell and have enjoyed my 4 years here but there are a few issues I would change to make it a better experience. I grew up in a family with 3 other division 1 athletes and out of … Continue reading

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Has Technology Changed the Face of (H)Activism?

With the vast growth of technological advances the last decade, it is not a surprise that the use of the computer and other technology has modified how activists protest. The spread of technology has eased the process of forming protests … Continue reading

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Clyde Frog Conundrums – The Result of Choices and Complaints

Occupy Wall Street: Campaign or Movement? Preface: Wednesday November 2nd the new South Park episode 1% featured Cartman, the 1%, against the 99%, the rest of his school mates, who conspired and stole Cartman’s most prized possession, Clyde Frog. Aside from … Continue reading

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“It’s not a tumor!” – Detective John Kimble

Anabolic steroids or synthetically engineered testosterone have been referred to as a “fountain of youth”.  Their use can result in increased muscle size, strength, and speed, higher athletic performance, and positive body image making them very attractive, especially to athletes … Continue reading

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