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lit·er·a·cy “The ability to read and write”

I believe if there were more focus on literacy in our world, our world would improve tremendously. In America alone 40 million adults are illiterate. Literacy is essential to living in any society. In order to fully develop a sense … Continue reading

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Dropout of the Electoral College

While there are plenty of things I would like to change in this world (many have already been covered), I’m going to go with abolish the electoral college in this post.

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The First American Censorship System?

Congress is currently holding hearings one what could be the first American censorship system. From what I hear they are trying to fast-track this through. This poses a problem for torrent websites such as The Pirate Bay, and other websites … Continue reading

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Has Technology Changed the Face of (H)Activism?

With the vast growth of technological advances the last decade, it is not a surprise that the use of the computer and other technology has modified how activists protest. The spread of technology has eased the process of forming protests … Continue reading

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In Denial

The case of Shell entailed more than just the oil company; the Ogoni people and the land they used to subsist were affected by Shell’s oil wells.  The company’s involvement in Nigeria caused many problems for the people there and … Continue reading

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Clyde Frog Conundrums – The Result of Choices and Complaints

Occupy Wall Street: Campaign or Movement? Preface: Wednesday November 2nd the new South Park episode 1% featured Cartman, the 1%, against the 99%, the rest of his school mates, who conspired and stole Cartman’s most prized possession, Clyde Frog. Aside from … Continue reading

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The True Colors of Royal Dutch Shell

A corporation is like a person. Who they are is defined by the decisions they make and the actions they take. The same goes for the reverse. Not acting says just as much about a person or corporation’s character. The … Continue reading

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