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Three questions


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Occupy Wall Street

            The rapid expansion of the Occupy Wall Street movement has been staggering and surprising.  Despite initial doubts and dismissals, the movement has spread to countries all around the world and to cities big and small.  The question still remains … Continue reading

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Investors are complaining about volatile stock markets causing decreasing investment portfolios over the past three years post the worst recession since the Great Depression and about proprietary trading as a hedging device for institutional traders (soon to be fixed by … Continue reading

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Why do prisons cost so much?!

While imprisonment may currently be the best solution for more serious criminals, a large portion of prison populations consists of those who have committed less violent crimes, specifically drug offenders. As recently as 2009, statistics show that prisoners convicted of … Continue reading

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Levees and Trains and Bridges. Oh My!

Now I’m going to be right up front about this, as a Civil Engineer, there is an inherent bias in what I’m about to write (right Jordi?).

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For my final paper, I am thinking about writing it on the wage discrepancies between the higher and lower classes.  After reading about the Wal-Mart cases and their wages they pay their employees and playing around with the State of … Continue reading

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The Thriving Business of Drug Trafficking and the DEA’s Role

For this week’s argument draft I am looking at my topic, drug trafficking and the United States, from a governmental perspective.  One thing that is important in understanding the business of illegal drug trafficking is that it is not like … Continue reading

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