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Work for money, not health care [60 second ideas]

America can free employees and employers from the shackles of a health care system that depend on employment status.  How many people stay in jobs they hate, where they are miserable and unproductive, to hold on to health care for … Continue reading

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General Class = General Education

Why does every college in America require students to fill their schedules with classes that will introduce information that students will never use again in their life?  Is this so that each student will get use to cramming enough useless … Continue reading

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Opening Up The World’s Data

Learning more about our world is the most important thing the human race can do. The information age has yielded a huge amount of data. This data is related to a multitude of different things and is spread across millions of locations. … Continue reading

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All Rules But No Game

Every first year Bucknell students has experience the bubble phenomenon known as the “hook-up culture”.  This type of relationship seems to be spreading throughout campus and taking control of the a large percentage of the student population.  This type of relationship … Continue reading

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The Justice Leagues

Distributive justice is a branch of societal ethics related to whether an allocation of goods and wealth can be considered fair to society and its constituents.  Three major theories proposed to answer this question are John Rawls’ Justice as Fairness, … Continue reading

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Wall Street Compensation and Entitlement Theory

For this paper I wanted to delve into the issues of Wall Street compensation and how the entitlement theory of Nozick relates to these issues. In this paper I would like to investigate the concept of compensation packages, contrast the … Continue reading

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Questions for November 3rd Class

1.  Do you think that it was hard for lenders of capital to sponsor an impoverished entrepreneur not knowing if they would receive their initial investment back? 2.  What were the radical impulses that Rorty referred to that came together … Continue reading

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