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Karl Marx

Politics… sure everyone has their own opinions, but Heartless Capitalist’s comments on the cohesion of politicians and wealthy elites in the blog Updating Political Power mirror a discussion of Karl Marx and the role of government in a capitalist society. Heartless comments on … Continue reading

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Accountability? Say What?

I was reading Google News earlier today and saw an article about the Occupy Wall Street movement going on right now.  It talks about one man, Hero Vincent, who is an unofficial spokesperson for Occupy Wall Street and how he … Continue reading

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The world’s ending but f*ck it. We’re still rich, right?

The past couple of weeks in MGMT 312 have seen a lot of discussion of the 2008 financial crisis. We read several intriguing articles, and were presented a case study of AIG, the insurance company that received an $85 billion … Continue reading

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Politicians discussing tax reform, economists commenting on the greek debt crisis, and pressures on Nike to pay higher wages all have one thing in common: Austerity. With the need for budget cuts and federal budget reform to prove Aaa credit … Continue reading

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Too Many Ethics Cases to Count

I was on the New York Times online earlier today and an article heading caught my eye.  The article is called “S.E.C. Refers Ex-Counsel’s Actions on Madoff to Justice Dept.” and it is about the Madoff scandal and the ethics … Continue reading

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AIG, the government, and more…

After reading the AIG case and presenting on it last week, I have a hard time understanding how companies can keep at it the way they are these days with the mindset that they will never have any problems or … Continue reading

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Stupid Credit Agencies

I feel like credit agencies should receive more blame and public criticism for the collapse of Enron and AIG. The credit agencies did not do their job adequately and gave these companies a triple A rating when they did not … Continue reading

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