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I, like many Bucknellians, enjoy the occasional midnight snack. What I, like many other Bucknellians, do not enjoy, is attempting to find a late hour only to come up with the default, Dominoes. Now, I do not have any problem … Continue reading

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Bucknell Dining: Changing the Recipe

Bucknell University uses Parkhearst as the supplier of all the food on campus. In other words Parkhearst has a monopoly on all things food and beverage at Bucknell. I think that having diversity in dining options would be much better … Continue reading

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Trashy Fines

Since most of the obvious topics (parking, food) have been hit on so far.  I’ll tackle another topic, albeit one I haven’t touched on for a few years: Bucknell recycling fines.

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Where are my options?

From freshman to junior year, I lived in campus housing.  I went from a triple room to a mod to a large double in Lari Cottage.  Going from a dorm to a mod sophomore year made that year a whole … Continue reading

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All Rules But No Game

Every first year Bucknell students has experience the bubble phenomenon known as the “hook-up culture”.  This type of relationship seems to be spreading throughout campus and taking control of the a large percentage of the student population.  This type of relationship … Continue reading

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Do you want a pickle with that?

I don’t like the food on campus. Forget that it is a hassle to go to the cafe or the bison in peak hours, and forget that until recently there was no good food after 8 pm. you can

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Bucknell Athletes

I love Bucknell and have enjoyed my 4 years here but there are a few issues I would change to make it a better experience. I grew up in a family with 3 other division 1 athletes and out of … Continue reading

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