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Memento: Part 1

This Saturday at 4pm the Campus Theatre will play one of my favorite movies. Memento offers a unique film style and dramatic suspense at the expense of the main protagonist, Leonard, played by Guy Pearce, who experiences memory loss. After … Continue reading

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71 Years Later, Still A Cinematic and Musical Symbol

To be honest, it was just simply weird; it represents an entire alternate way of fantasizing and thinking.  As I sat and watched the dancing hippos, it was… well… mesmerizing.  And of course, the music! The classical music from musicians … Continue reading

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Campus Theater Since 1941

The Lewisburg Campus Theater is located on Market Street in the heart of Lewisburg, across from the newly added Barnes and Noble Bucknell bookstore. The theater has resided there since 1941 celebrating its 70th anniversary film festival this week. Throughout … Continue reading

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What about Lunch and Dinner?

The 1961 movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s seems to be the beginning of the many “generic love comedies” that plague the theaters today.  With an 88% approval rating from Rottentomatoes.com the movie had been considered a screen master piece for decades, … Continue reading

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My First Campus Theatre Experience

This was my first time attending the campus theatre.  I went with Mike Cardinute and there was some confusion as we were entering the theatre.  After giving the lady my BU ID she told me that it was not going … Continue reading

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Honestly, I know everything I know about the new and improved campus theatre from the bathroom. They had a great poster in there that outlined the restoration work they did there this summer and how a group of individual movie … Continue reading

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“Sunset Boulevard” puts authentic ’50s theatre experience on horizon

  The year: 1950.  The location: Bucknell University’s Campus Theatre in downtown Lewisburg.  There I was, sitting excitedly on the edge of my seat and anxiously awaiting the premier of the film as the red curtains opened to reveal the … Continue reading

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