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Think before you speak!!

My 60 second pitch to help improve the world would be to “Think Before You Speak.” A big part of our success as being an effective communicator is not only learning what to say, but what NOT to say. The … Continue reading

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Clyde Frog Conundrums – The Result of Choices and Complaints

Occupy Wall Street: Campaign or Movement? Preface: Wednesday November 2nd the new South Park episode 1%¬†featured Cartman, the 1%, against the 99%, the rest of his school mates, who conspired and stole Cartman’s most prized possession, Clyde Frog. Aside from … Continue reading

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Confused protesters…

  And some more who should probably lay off the green leafy substance… LiveLeak talks to confused protesters

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Capitalism working for Nike?

Reading the Nike case it was really a sort of wake-up call for me. Just moments before reading the article, I was shopping for new soccer cleats and was seriously considering making Nike my choice. I never thought that I … Continue reading

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Capitalism as Influential?

On the most simplistic level, the United States functions as the worlds creditor providing the foundation to the worlds money supply and the liquidity needed by foreign countries. Our government, our culture and our currency permeate throughout the earth and … Continue reading

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