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An American Dilemma: The High Compensation of CEO’s

The generous compensation packages given to chief executives of large Fortune 500 companies are very controversial because these packages are rarely based on the company’s performance and often worth an exuberant amount of money. Advertisements

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Does a CEO have to have industry experience to be great?

In class this week, we talked a lot about CEO’s and what they are worth. What should their compensation packages be and who has the right to decide? Rather than focusing on the actual monetary value on a CEO’s head, … Continue reading

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The Most Iconic Entrepreneur in World History

First winner of the National Medal of Technology. CEO of the decade in Fortune magazine. Number 17 on Forbes’ World’s Most Powerful People. Inductee of the California Hall of Fame. Jefferson Award winner for Public Service. Inventor of 342 United … Continue reading

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All the other kids have one! (wah!)

CEOs are showered with too many goodies.  Or, so says an article recently published in the Washington Post that talked about how CEO’s pay is heavily based off of “peer benchmarking” or the pay of CEO’s at similar corporations and … Continue reading

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The $1 CEO

This past week Meg Whitman (formerly CEO of eBay) was hired to take over as CEO of Hewlett-Packard (HP).  In light of the Harvard article by former P&G CEO A.G. Lafley, I thought it was interesting when it was announced … Continue reading

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“Over paid and under performed!”

Many people today are furious at the compensation packages executives are receiving today based on their level of performance. How can someone make so much money while the company is under-performing? This is the question many investors, unions, and regular … Continue reading

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Sharing the Wealth

After watching the “Social Network,” and finding it safe to assume that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is a total jerk, I came across this article about a recent program of his and contemplated reconsidering. Last year, Zuckerberg announced his $100 … Continue reading

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