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In Denial

The case of Shell entailed more than just the oil company; the Ogoni people and the land they used to subsist were affected by Shell’s oil wells.  The company’s involvement in Nigeria caused many problems for the people there and … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street

            The rapid expansion of the Occupy Wall Street movement has been staggering and surprising.  Despite initial doubts and dismissals, the movement has spread to countries all around the world and to cities big and small.  The question still remains … Continue reading

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The $1 CEO

This past week Meg Whitman (formerly CEO of eBay) was hired to take over as CEO of Hewlett-Packard (HP).  In light of the Harvard article by former P&G CEO A.G. Lafley, I thought it was interesting when it was announced … Continue reading

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“We Have a Cruel Existence”

The words of my Dad about auditing. I thought the interpretation of the Ernst & Young audits in the Nike case by activists and the public was an interesting one.  Essentially the feeling was that any audit or report brought … Continue reading

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Social Responsibility of Shell

The thing that stuck out to me while reading the Shell case was the idea of the social responsibility of Shell, and how it played out in the stance of the company towards the Saro-Wiwa trial. The stance of Shell … Continue reading

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Social Responsibility of Business

I agree with Milton Friedmans point of view on the social responsibility of business to an extent. His point about how the social responsibilities are loosely defined and lacking in rigor is right on. However, he also says that this … Continue reading

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