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Don’t Shop at Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is generally accepted as an evil company.  Destroying this empire will bring nothing but good things for everyone involved.  Competitors, suppliers, local communities, Wal-Mart employees and taxpayers in general lose out thanks to Wal-Mart’s business practices.  An outright boycott of … Continue reading

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Accountability? Say What?

I was reading Google News earlier today and saw an article about the Occupy Wall Street movement going on right now.  It talks about one man, Hero Vincent, who is an unofficial spokesperson for Occupy Wall Street and how he … Continue reading

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Economic Downturn and the MLB

This week I read a blog from the bucknellorgtheory09 blog about how the economic downturn was affecting ticket sales at New Yankees Stadium.  http://bucknellorgtheory09.wordpress.com/2009/05/10/how-the-economy-is-affecting-professional-sports-mlb/  I agree that the current state of the economy certainly deterrs some people away from luxuries … Continue reading

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Professional Sports and Our Economy

In the blog, “How the economy is Affecting Sports: Corporate Sponsors” by Ross Liberati, it talks about how major sport industries such as NASCAR and the NFL are doing poorly due to the decrease of sponsor involvement from other corporations … Continue reading

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“Second Tier Sports” too boring?

What are “second tier sports”?  In an article posted by Ross in May of 2009 in the “Orgtheory09.wordpress.com” he listed Arena Football, WNBA, and National Indoor Soccer League.  These three associations have gone through drastic changes over the past few years … Continue reading

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