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General Class = General Education

Why does every college in America require students to fill their schedules with classes that will introduce information that students will never use again in their life?  Is this so that each student will get use to cramming enough useless … Continue reading

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Food, 45 minutes later…..and still no parking!!!!

The one thing I would change is the logistics of Bucknell. First, I can’t stand not being able to find a parking spot anywhere on campus. Second, I can’t stand not being able to grab a bite to eat before … Continue reading

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Tech-In Wednesday About Occupy WallStreet and The Economy

Learn more about #Occupy Wall St. OccupyColleges Teach In – Wednesday, Nov. 2nd 5Pm – 6:30 in OLIN 268 Bucknell Panel Featuring: Professor Kim Daubman, Psychology, Professor Hilbourne Watson, Inter-national Relations, Professor Jordi Comas, Management See also the Occupy Colleges … Continue reading

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In reaction to: Protestors Win Some, Lose Some The world we live in and the world we have created remain organically intertwined and perpetually moving. On a daily basis: life and death encapsulates the story of generational change, nocturnal freight … Continue reading

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