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Blog Council Awards

Best Post: “Blame it on the Beard”… More Women Should be on Wallstreet Now this is a beard: Other Winners! Advertisements

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Revisiting Enron

While I was searching through Bloginization I came across an interesting post that talked about the failures of Enron and a concept called “normal accidents.” The title of this post is called Enron = normal … accident, that is.  I found … Continue reading

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Too Many Ethics Cases to Count

I was on the New York Times online earlier today and an article heading caught my eye.  The article is called “S.E.C. Refers Ex-Counsel’s Actions on Madoff to Justice Dept.” and it is about the Madoff scandal and the ethics … Continue reading

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AIG, the government, and more…

After reading the AIG case and presenting on it last week, I have a hard time understanding how companies can keep at it the way they are these days with the mindset that they will never have any problems or … Continue reading

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Stupid Credit Agencies

I feel like credit agencies should receive more blame and public criticism for the collapse of Enron and AIG. The credit agencies did not do their job adequately and gave these companies a triple A rating when they did not … Continue reading

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AIG vs. Enron

When reading this week’s case, I could not help but notice the similarity between the downfall of AIG and the collapse of Enron from last week. Enron had, in my opinion, a poor business model to begin with as was … Continue reading

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Sarbanes-Oxley/Enron/2008 Crisis

Sarbanes-Oxley probably saves a lot more companies from going under and countless people in America from losing their jobs. It’s funny that we talked about this and Enron in class because shortly after I had a discussion with my guidance counselor who worked for … Continue reading

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