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Human Trafficking

I’ve decided to write my final paper on human trafficking; after looking at the long list of topic suggestions, I felt that the current issue of human trafficking should have more attention brought to it. I am also interested in … Continue reading

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71 Years Later, Still A Cinematic and Musical Symbol

To be honest, it was just simply weird; it represents an entire alternate way of fantasizing and thinking.  As I sat and watched the dancing hippos, it was… well… mesmerizing.  And of course, the music! The classical music from musicians … Continue reading

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Cary Grant? You must mean Hugh Grant

When I told a few of my friends that I was going to watch North by Northwest, I received quizzical looks from all. The first question I was asked was “Is it for class?” as if to say that there … Continue reading

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Going Back in Time

I saw Alfred Hitchcock’s move “North by Northwest,” and I, like Rick, have never liked old movies.  I have tried to watch older movies and I can never get into them. I feel like they don’t have much of a … Continue reading

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The Campus theater… reminding us stories can be told without CGI and explosions

When I went to the campus theater I was amazed that there were couches to sit on. Couches! Being able to lay on a couch to watch your movie made the experience much more comfortable for me. I was not … Continue reading

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The Original Bfast@Tf’s Trailer

You can see this review, but the real gem is the original trailer.  I can’t embed it here due to WordPress’ limits on video embedding.  But check it out. And, oh yeah, no one objected to the outrageously poor racist … Continue reading

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“Sunset Boulevard” puts authentic ’50s theatre experience on horizon

  The year: 1950.  The location: Bucknell University’s Campus Theatre in downtown Lewisburg.  There I was, sitting excitedly on the edge of my seat and anxiously awaiting the premier of the film as the red curtains opened to reveal the … Continue reading

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