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Why Occupy Wall Street?

Originally, I thought this protest situation was just another activist group on Wall Street that would be forgotten about in a matter of days, but after about a month of protesting, it looks like this group is here to stay. … Continue reading

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Arresting Image? Is This an Emerging Frame?

This image, created by the critical adbusters magazine and organization, helped spark the Occupy Wall Street group.  Aesthetically, I find it beautiful and alluring.  As a piece of protest, I am unsure what it conveys.  Is there a frame here?  … Continue reading

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The world’s ending but f*ck it. We’re still rich, right?

The past couple of weeks in MGMT 312 have seen a lot of discussion of the 2008 financial crisis. We read several intriguing articles, and were presented a case study of AIG, the insurance company that received an $85 billion … Continue reading

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“Goldman Sachs Rules The World”

…or so says independent trader Alessio Rastani who appeared on BBC news earlier today and made quite a splash. He made some fairly shocking statements centering around his claim that the Eurozone rescue plan is going to fail and the Eurozone market … Continue reading

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A Billion Here, A Billion There

About an hour before our last class this story broke…  Which I thought was quite relevant considering our investigations into AIG and Enron. I’m going to focus on the second Forbes article which talks about some of the pseudo-hypocrisy involving alleged … Continue reading

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Blogable Ideas for week of Sept 12-19

Here are some ideas if you are hunting for one. 1) Write and react to the issues raised by the Campus Climate Task Force.  If you do this, I want you to actually look at the report in addition to … Continue reading

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How to regulate “Big Banks”

How is it that the large banks are still profitable and growing after the financial crisis of 2007-08? How were they able to pay off all their federal debt and still manage to post financial gains? According to Simon John … Continue reading

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