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The Justice Leagues

Distributive justice is a branch of societal ethics related to whether an allocation of goods and wealth can be considered fair to society and its constituents.  Three major theories proposed to answer this question are John Rawls’ Justice as Fairness, … Continue reading

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PopCulture MashUp

Too funny…

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Can America Learn From Scandinavia?

Income inequality the United States is an incredibly important issue with a multitude of ramifications. Firstly, it brings into question the idea of the tradeoff between economic efficiency and economic security. In this country we have a belief system that … Continue reading

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Third World America?

Can a country reverse its growth? Because it seems that the United States of America has been. While globalization is helping many countries worldwide develop, America itself is suffering. As a whole, the US is massively in debt to other … Continue reading

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Wealth Disparity: Society’s Issue

The Washington Post article by Peter Whoriskey talks about how the gap between the “have’s” and the “have not’s” has grown in the past 40 years. The main target in this article being CEO’s and how much they are compensated … Continue reading

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