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In Denial

The case of Shell entailed more than just the oil company; the Ogoni people and the land they used to subsist were affected by Shell’s oil wells.  The company’s involvement in Nigeria caused many problems for the people there and … Continue reading

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Shell’s motto: Deny everything and admit nothing.

Growing up down south, Shell’s presence was enormously felt in my life because they had so many gas stations around that they were practically on top of each other!  Although Shell’s gas seemed to always be a little “pricey” at times, people were … Continue reading

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Too far to care

The Royal Dutch/Shell company’s treatment of the Ogani people in the Niger Delta was nothing short of taking advantage of a disfranchised people. In some ways it reminded me of the Nike case because the government and the company both … Continue reading

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Social Responsibility of Shell

The thing that stuck out to me while reading the Shell case was the idea of the social responsibility of Shell, and how it played out in the stance of the company towards the Saro-Wiwa trial. The stance of Shell … Continue reading

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