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Clyde Frog Conundrums – The Result of Choices and Complaints

Occupy Wall Street: Campaign or Movement? Preface: Wednesday November 2nd the new South Park episode 1% featured Cartman, the 1%, against the 99%, the rest of his school mates, who conspired and stole Cartman’s most prized possession, Clyde Frog. Aside from … Continue reading

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Reading Questions

In Campaigns and Movements, Richard Rorty talks about Irving Howe;s view on the differences between a movement and a campaign. How does he say each is different? Would Howe consider the Occupy Wall Street protests around the world the beginnings … Continue reading

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1.  How instrumental are 0% interest loans to the success of Kiva? What would happen if interest bearing loans were created? 2.  According to “Campaigns and Movements,” “membership in a movement requires the ability to see particular campaigns for particular … Continue reading

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Brain Teasers

I figured I would pop these two up here before anyone else gets them! 1.  In the Kiva Case Study, how does Number 8 from Exhibit 5 relate to Odeke’s blog, “Is there a point helping Africa?” 2.  How would … Continue reading

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These Three Questions

Presented without comment.

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Tech-In Wednesday About Occupy WallStreet and The Economy

Learn more about #Occupy Wall St. OccupyColleges Teach In – Wednesday, Nov. 2nd 5Pm – 6:30 in OLIN 268 Bucknell Panel Featuring: Professor Kim Daubman, Psychology, Professor Hilbourne Watson, Inter-national Relations, Professor Jordi Comas, Management See also the Occupy Colleges … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street

            The rapid expansion of the Occupy Wall Street movement has been staggering and surprising.  Despite initial doubts and dismissals, the movement has spread to countries all around the world and to cities big and small.  The question still remains … Continue reading

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