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Bring the Profits “Home”

“Home” is in quotes because in today’s globalized business environment, what exactly is a company’s “home”?  Multinationals may be headquartered in one country, manufacture in a second, and sell in a third.   How can a government assess whether a firm’s … Continue reading

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Panel on Debt, Politics, and Economic Policy next Monday

Hi all- This panel of professors will address the debt ceiling debate and the larger issues around it.  This is related to the financial sector as we studied it.  Please go!  Feel free to blog your thoughts about the panel … Continue reading

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AIG vs. Enron

When reading this week’s case, I could not help but notice the similarity between the downfall of AIG and the collapse of Enron from last week. Enron had, in my opinion, a poor business model to begin with as was … Continue reading

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