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I, like many Bucknellians, enjoy the occasional midnight snack. What I, like many other Bucknellians, do not enjoy, is attempting to find a late hour only to come up with the default, Dominoes. Now, I do not have any problem … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street

            The rapid expansion of the Occupy Wall Street movement has been staggering and surprising.  Despite initial doubts and dismissals, the movement has spread to countries all around the world and to cities big and small.  The question still remains … Continue reading

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Successful Protests

Watching Lewisburg’s Occupy Wall Street protests this weekend I couldn’t help but compare it other recent protests that I’ve witnessed.  Last Fall in London I got a front row seat to watch the British university students protest the increases in university … Continue reading

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Cracked’s (Not so Funny) Take on Occupy Wall Street

I recently read an article on cracked.com outlining some criticisms of the Occupy Wall Street movement. I was surprised by the clarity and relative lack of humor in the article due to Cracked’s position as a humor-based website. The article … Continue reading

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Facebook: a double agent

maceyk wrote an interesting blog in may 2010 entitled, “Actual Revolutions….Via Facebook”. The blog talked about how Facebook has become a forum for protesters (particularly in Egypt) to meet and discuss protests and other issues in a safe environment. In … Continue reading

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For this week I wanted to revisit a topic that I had written about last week, which is the Occupy Wall Street  protests. I was in the gym when I saw some Fox News coverage of the protests and they were … Continue reading

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Finance related Photojournalism is cool

So I decided to choose option B and read this photojournalism blog  which I thought was really interesting. I was invited on Facebook to attend the Occupy Wall Street rally but couldn’t go because I was at Bucknell and honestly quite … Continue reading

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