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I, like many Bucknellians, enjoy the occasional midnight snack. What I, like many other Bucknellians, do not enjoy, is attempting to find a late hour only to come up with the default, Dominoes. Now, I do not have any problem … Continue reading

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Air Jordan’s – The Shoe to Die for

Will the Air Jordan brand be a life support for Nike or eventually fade out?  When addressing this question there are many things to take into consideration other than the fact that Michael Jordan is retired from the NBA and may soon be … Continue reading

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Took ’em Long Enough

The United States Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agency announced today that they recently completed a 7 day sweep of the nation, on their way arresting 2,901 immigrants who have criminal records in the United States. This sweep, known as Operation Cross Check, … Continue reading

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The Saro-Wiwa Case

The people of Ogoniland were greatly impacted by the one hundred oil wells (ninety-six of them belonging to Shell).  The land experienced many oil leaks from the pipelines, and the people were left to live with the persistent flaring of … Continue reading

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The Social Responsibility of Business Is to Increase Its Profits

In stark contrast to the publication “Business Ethics and Stakeholder Analysis”, “The Social Responsibility” article seems to denounce the ethical view that CEO (as authoritative figure in the company) should look to include their businesses in philanthropic ventures as well as look … Continue reading

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“Social Responsibility”

In every instance where Milton Friedman used the term “social responsibility,” it was in quotations.  This is to stress that the understood definition of the term as to benefit the society at large, may not always be the case.  In … Continue reading

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