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Process for paper #2


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Reading Questions

In Campaigns and Movements, Richard Rorty talks about Irving Howe;s view on the differences between a movement and a campaign. How does he say each is different? Would Howe consider the Occupy Wall Street protests around the world the beginnings … Continue reading

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Brain Teasers

I figured I would pop these two up here before anyone else gets them! 1.  In the Kiva Case Study, how does Number 8 from Exhibit 5 relate to Odeke’s blog, “Is there a point helping Africa?” 2.  How would … Continue reading

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Three Questions

1. If Generation We is so powerful and influential, why don’t they have a larger effect on our struggling economy?Are our lives so consumed with social media that we can’t see big problems right before our eyes? 2. How does … Continue reading

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Confused protesters…

  And some more who should probably lay off the green leafy substance… LiveLeak talks to confused protesters

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More on Shamar Thomas and Police-Protestor conflict

Keith Olbermann interviews Justin’s ex-Marine, Shamar Thomas.  Found it when I was looking for this video that shows the police roughly handling an observer after he was run over by a police motorcycle. Mr. Thomas now…

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Successful Protests

Watching Lewisburg’s Occupy Wall Street protests this weekend I couldn’t help but compare it other recent protests that I’ve witnessed.  Last Fall in London I got a front row seat to watch the British university students protest the increases in university … Continue reading

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