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More Writing Humor, It’s Hilarious

It’s is ‘it is.” Its is the possessive.  Enron went bankrupt.  Its story is one of deregulation and poor management. Advertisements

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Best of Blog, Week 7, Protests and Films

Your friendly, neighborhood blog council (Carl, Meghan C, Nate, and Slade) present the following (drum roll!) Best Occupy Wall Street post: Alyssa “Coming to a small town near you!” Rotten Tomatoes Award Rick “Hitchcock Stands With the Best of Them” … Continue reading

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Write About Ethics! Win Prizes and Cash!

OK, title is sarcastic.  The contest is not. I’ll help you edit if you want to take a crack at it. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS Prize in Ethics Essay Contest 2012 

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Let’s Remember Kids, Punctuation Saves Lives

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