Blogging Tips

Please note a tip you have found to make blogging more helpful,useful, entertaining, or exciting.  Put your name in parentheses after.  Include any useful links!

Insert Videos into Blogs-

Inserting a video into your blog post is an easy way of attracting attention to you post!  To insert a video into your blog post you simple need to simple:

  1. Find a video from some website (Most likely
  2. Click on the icon at the top of the text box that looks like (Movie icon)
  3. A window that looks like this will appear (make sure that you have the “From URL” option selected) *Note- there will be different instructions depending on which website the movie is coming from!
  4. Once you have copied and pasted the video’s URL into the text box and followed the instructions the video will appear as a link in your blog.  Only when you preview it will the video appear like it should.

By Josh Eden

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