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My solution

My solution to prevent the world from ending would be to raise the salaries and benefits of police officers, fire fighters, medics and most importantly teachers. Each of these professions is crucial to the success of any community and they … Continue reading

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What really grinds your gear? (Blog posts for Nov 8)

Blog post instructions for Nov 8. This was discussed in class.  You have two choices: Option A (Alex L’s): What is the worst aspect about Bucknell or Lewisburg that you would want to change the most? Write a blog about … Continue reading

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An American Dilemma: The High Compensation of CEO’s

The generous compensation packages given to chief executives of large Fortune 500 companies are very controversial because these packages are rarely based on the company’s performance and often worth an exuberant amount of money.

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Lewisburg Po Po is a No No

If I had to change one thing about Bucknell/Lewisburg it would be Lewisburg police and how they abuse their power. I think one of the greatest things about Bucknell is the downtown environment and how there are so many college … Continue reading

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Three Questions

1. If Generation We is so powerful and influential, why don’t they have a larger effect on our struggling economy?Are our lives so consumed with social media that we can’t see big problems right before our eyes? 2. How does … Continue reading

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My crazy homecoming weekend

So this past weekend I…                

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Weekend with the Occupiers

                This past weekend I was in New York City visiting some friends and I had a chance to see and talk to a couple participating in the Occupy Movement. Like everyone else that I saw participating, the couple was very friendly … Continue reading

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