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Get Off Your High Horse and Help Someone

One idea to improve the world….try to help one person a day. I know we have all heard this but if we actually did this then we could actually see huge improvements in our world. Advertisements

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You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

Named Scholarships (the manner in which Bucknell does it): So I get this email Monday that says, “It is imperative that you come to Cooley Hall and write a thank you note to your scholarship benefactors by Wednesday of this … Continue reading

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“Let’s make ’em work for their millions!”

Would a mandate ever be established that would demand that CEOs and other top executives receive only a $1/year salary? Should these executives be forced into receiving a large part of their compensation from stock-based compensations only? Peter Whoriskey and the … Continue reading

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Questions for Class Discussion- Nov 3 2011

1) What are the similarities between movements and a campaign? How have these two ideas changed over time and, in Rorty’s opinion, what elements are the “intellectual’s” holding onto that are slowing down this change in ideologies? 2) An important quality that … Continue reading

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IS there a point helping Africa?

The problem area that I am going to focus on in my paper is aid to Africa. The area that I want to focus on looks at whether there is a problem with how the international community (primarily developed countries) … Continue reading

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The Environment at the Occupy Movement

AS I followed Alex Higbee’s stance of observing from the fringes of the crowd on Saturday at the Occupy Movement, I was quite amazed to see the different issues that Wal-Street (hundreds of miles away) has created. I stumbled into … Continue reading

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Facebook: a double agent

maceyk wrote an interesting blog in may 2010 entitled, “Actual Revolutions….Via Facebook”. The blog talked about how Facebook has become a forum for protesters (particularly in Egypt) to meet and discuss protests and other issues in a safe environment. In … Continue reading

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