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More chemical spills to increase chances of superheroes

For my elevator pitch to better the world I would like to submit the idea that we need Advertisements

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fun stuff

The facebook app i was talking about was take this lollipop also heres a funny video about piracy   bit-torrent-dont-use-spotify

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Do you want a pickle with that?

I don’t like the food on campus. Forget that it is a hassle to go to the cafe or the bison in peak hours, and forget that until recently there was no good food after 8 pm. you can

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A simple argument is taking away more than an NBA season

One of the struggling NBA franchises, the Philadelphia 76ers, was just sold for 280 million dollars. The owners aren’t the ones strapped for cash. The average NBA salary last season was around 5 million dollars. The players don’t need the … Continue reading

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1 + 2 questions

Do you agree with Howe that all movements “must always struggle but never quite triumph, and then, after a time, must struggle in order to to triumph”? What does this ever-long struggle mean to you? When David Bornstein says that … Continue reading

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Repatriation tax and you!

Big international corporations have been able to duck the IRS for years. Companies such as GE use their international stability to keep money out of the USA and

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Blog awards round 2

Here ye, here ye, the Second Blog Council, Jason, Chris, Tom, and Editor-in-Chief, JC, met and have proclaimed:

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