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Upon reading through older blogs on “The Way Things Work: Organizations,” I came across one by Stephanie about promoting products. In her blog, Stephanie talks about the effort that companies put forth in order to have their products shown in television … Continue reading

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Revisiting Enron

While I was searching through Bloginization I came across an interesting post that talked about the failures of Enron and a concept called “normal accidents.” The title of this post is called Enron = normal … accident, that is.  I found … Continue reading

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Bailed out Bank being sued by Bailed out Insurance Company!

It has been reported that AIG sued Bank of America Corp. for $10.5 billion for its massive fraud on mortgage debt. Apparently AIG was cheated by Bank of America who was selling residential mortgaged back securities which were priced way more then they … Continue reading

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Too Big to Fail?

At first, it seemed like Enron was too big to fail. It had all the tools needed to be a successful business in any emerging markets: always looking for ways to make changes, innovative ideas, exceptionally intelligent employees, Risk Management … Continue reading

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